Dedicated Staff that takes the time to help you find good coverage at a reasonable price

Bottom Line

Asking the right questions, taking the extra time, getting it right


Not sure what all of the policy language means? It is confusing – we can explain it in english.

Extra Coverages

Multiple options that allow you to get the coverage mix you want.


We take your privacy very seriously. Confidentiality is a way of life for us.

Why Small Business People Choose Starfire

The staff takes the time to research our business, ask the right questions and provide us with options. Sometimes they don’t have the lowest premium… we have discovered that the lowest premium isn’t always what we need.

Meaningful Partnerships and Resposible Growth

We are growing our portfolio and morphing into the Professional Services Centers. Bringing together Starfire Insurance, Searchers Enterprises, Regency Printing, and Starfire Financial Services. Professional Services Centers are here to help underrepresented organizations grow and become the best they want to be.

We proudly support Vets Helping Vets, St Jude Children’s Hospital and the Crohn’s and Colitis Group of Gainesville.